About the Owner

Marcel Wormsley speaking

Marcel Wormsley is a poet, thinker, mental health advocate, arts enthusiast and budding entrepreneur.

Raised in Houston, TX, Marcel has been writing since the age of nine. By his mid-teens, poetry would become the primary medium through which his unique voice would emerge. After a six-year stint in the United States Coast Guard where he served as an Operations Specialist throughout the Eastern Pacific and Gulf Coast regions, he returned to Houston where he worked in book and magazine distribution while studying philosophy at the University of Houston.

After leaving the industry in 2012, he began the most productive and prolific phase of his writing journey to date: publishing a blog and contributing articles for publication to various non-profit arts organizations. Along the way, he has collaborated with various composers/instrumentalists. One of his works, Give Peace This Day, was adapted by composer Gaby Kapps and commissioned for the Browns River Middle School choir and orchestra in Jericho, Vermont in 2017.

Marcel has given several public poetry readings throughout Houston in recent years and looks forward to forging collaborations with other local poets, including using Lyceum Books to provide ongoing support to the vibrant poetry community in the city by hosting even more readings, networking events and more.

In his spare time, Marcel facilitates a regular, online peer-support mental health group called Houston Friends for Mental Health Awareness and Support, a cause near to his heart. He is also an ardent promoter of the classical music scene throughout the greater Houston area, primarily through the online community he founded, Houston Classical Music Lovers. He enjoys attending museums, plays and other cultural events throughout the city, as well as communicating with friends and followers on social media. Already at work on his second book of poetry and laying the groundwork for Lyceum Books, Marcel looks forward to embarking on the next phase of his creative and entrepreneurial journey, hoping to awaken and connect as many hearts as he can in the process.

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