Lyceum Books Venue

Coming soon!

Lyceum Books is much more than your average brick and mortar or online bookseller. It is a community of book lovers, poets, musicians, historians and fine arts lovers – all of whom need a relaxing venue to express themselves and indulge in their creative energies.

In the very near future, Lyceum Books will provide that creative sanctuary for art connoisseurs to come and share their passions with the many like-minded individuals in the Houston area. Whether you want to share your latest poem, perform your latest song, sooth the crowd with your musical instrument or just have a cup of coffee while discussing your book club’s current reading materials, the Lyceum Books venue will be your go-to spot.

Lyceum Books’ management is currently in the process of locating and securing a central destination to call home. Once it is completely safe for us to freely engage with one another and the location is secured, we’ll get the word out and will look forward to seeing you there.

Stay tuned!