Lyceum [lahy-seeuhm]

An institution for popular education providing discussions, lectures, concerts, etc.

Lyceum Books was bred from the desire to connect education, fun and companionship for art and book lovers. Owner Marcel Wormsley is an avid book reader, debate lover and classical music fan who saw a need for an environment that caters to the minds and the interests of such individuals in the Houston, TX area.

The name Lyceum Books was inspired by the Houston Lyceum of 1854, which led to the
establishment of the Houston Public Library System in 1895. In the late 1990s, an open philosophical discussion group of the same name met at various locations throughout the city. Although Marcel never had a chance to attend a meeting, he vividly remembers being inspired by the group and the concept, hence the name of this establishment.

Although lyceum isn’t a commonly-used term modern day, it embodies the true purpose of Lyceum Books: education. Whether it be through books or engaging with others, Lyceum Books hopes to inspire many in the community.

Lyceum Books has been in business since August 2020.